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Event: Spotlight

Trick or Treating For Charity

The National LeioMyoSarcoma Foundation is proud to announce the ambitious efforts of two 14 year old girls, Sydney and Nicola from St. Louis, MO. Sydney's mother passed away when she was three of LeioMyoSarcoma, an orphan cancer.

Their mission is to bring awareness to rare cancers like Leiomyosarcoma: One Halloween at a time.

Sydney and Nicola are trying to make their Halloween so much more than just receiving candy. They would like to encourage other teenagers across the country to make their Halloween just as special and meaningful.

Past Event

Ride For LMS

In an effort to raise LMS awareness the NLMSF is sponsoring a bike rider in this year's Pelotonia 14. Our rider is planning on cycling the challenging 100-mile route in honor of everyone who has been affected by LMS.

Show your support and ride along with us by becoming a virtual rider and make a donation to help raise funds for LMS awareness and cancer research.

This is a great way to pay tribute to those who have lost their battle with LMS, as well as survivors, caregivers and loved ones by making a gift in their honor.


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